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Using Google Analytics to Gather Insights is Much Easier Than You Think


Consumers today are quite savvy, gathering a ton of information on products before buying just about anything, whether large or small. For example, Google Data shows that the number of mobile searches for a small item like “best earbuds” has risen by more than 130% over the last couple of years. To keep up with customer demand for information, marketers are increasingly using insights as the basis of their strategy. This allows them to better understand what their customers’ intentions might be so they can quickly deliver a helpful experience.

Google’s guidelines for linking Google Analytics with Google Ads explains how you can gain important insights from the large number of reports provided in Analytics. This data provides you with the customer insights you need to formulate the most effective Google Ads campaigns. Here’s what you need to know about these reports:


Acquisition Reports

Do you know what journey your customers are taking to land on your site to begin with? The information in your Acquisition Report will provide you with insight as to how effective your ads are in driving visitors to your site. You will learn the various search queries and keywords that attract the most first-time visitors, and other helpful information. View this video for a quick tutorial on how you can use the information on your Acquisition report.

Behavior Reports

Are you familiar with how your visitors are engaging with your site? This is the kind of insight your Behavior reports will provide. You will find out how visitors are responding to your content, the performance of each page, what actions visitors are taking, and a lot more about the kind of experience your site offers. To learn all about Behavior reports, click here.

Conversion Reports

Do you know what journey visitors are taking that leads them to buy? In your Google Analytics, you will find the Conversion reporting that explains the insights and actions crucial to your bottom line. This will include purchasing information and sign-ups for your newsletter. Your Goal Flow report will reveal how visitors engage with your site before making a purchase. Ecommerce reports provide insights for sites primarily centered on purchases.

When you study these reports, you will gain a ton of actionable insights that will allow you to truly understand your customers’ journey, which is getting more complex with every passing day. This will help you quickly improve their journey and experience.


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Have you read the other articles in our series? You can learn all about developing effective campaigns for the savvy customers of today by combining Google Analytics with Google Ads.

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