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The Value of Digital Certifications


Education extends beyond the physical classroom. The increase in digital certifications is the result of the movement away from learning at university. These digital certifications are virtual “badges” which show how well the holder understands a certain topic. Anyone anywhere has access to earning these certifications.’’


Earn More With Digital Certifications


One of the fastest growing career sectors is digital marketing. The average median salary of a marketing specialist and marketing research analysts is over $62,000 according to The US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This puts them in the top 20 professions and this career is expected to stay there until at least 2026.

Organizations hire digital marketers to create tactics to market the company’s products and services online, create campaigns to increase brand awareness and to convert potential leads into paying customers.


With that in mind, the digital marketing field has many very skilled marketing experts who are all making their services available to potential employers. One way that marketing professionals are using to stand out in this field is to do a marketing certification course, which will help them to hone their skills and increase their credibility.


Evaluating Non-Traditional Learning

What is the definition of digital certifications?

These certifications are offered when an online course of study is completed. Once completed, the holder of the certification is deemed to have substantial professional knowledge on a specific topic. In virtually all instances, the student completes online modules and there is no in-person participation required.


Employers today have a favorable view of digital certifications. Hiring managers look at candidates with these digital certifications as having the necessary skills as well as the candidate being willing to improve their skills in a non-formal education setting. Many platforms and subjects have these certifications. Employees can get certification in areas such as HubSpot, Hootsuite and Google (Academy for Ads).


HubSpot Certification

HubSpot is a popular platform for managing customer relationships. HubSpot Academy offers many courses in subjects relating to marketing and sales. Some are free and others are only available to paying HubSpot subscribers.

Courses offered go beyond the HubSpot platform. Courses include search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, landing pages, conversion analysis and reporting, and marketing strategy basics. The certifications from HubSpot are good for 2 years. This way, student’s credentials are always up to date with the latest technology.

Due to the wide selection of free courses, HubSpot Academy has become popular for providing digital certifications to those in marketing and sales.


Hootsuite Certification

Hootsuite specializes in social media marketing and they offer a dashboard, which lets users manage a variety of social media accounts from a central location.

Hootsuite provides two training courses that are free, one focuses on overall social media marketing and the other for the Hootsuite platform.  Hootsuite Platform Certification, Social Selling Certification and Social Marketing Certification are all paid courses offered on the platform.

For professionals who use Hootsuite as part of their daily job, the platform certifications are worth the money. There is also great value in the general social media courses and it gives the student a solid foundation in professional social media.


Google Ads Certification

Have you ever done a Google search for a restaurant or barbershop? You have probably seen the ads at the top of the results. With Google Ads, you learn the basics about the ways you need to organize, scale and record the digital ads campaign’s success. If you are in the digital marketing profession, this certification is necessary. What is even better is that this certification is free! The certification is done in two parts, first is AdWords Fundamentals and then you are tested on one of the subcategories (there are 5). We suggest you complete the test for Search Advertising first and you can complete the others in time. Don’t like study guides? Google’s Academy for Ads is a great option. It is simple and once you finish the course, the exam becomes easier.


Google Analytics Certification

The Google Analytics Individual certification is the most popular search term for marketing certification as per SEMrush, which has over 20,000 in monthly search related volume. The focus of this certification is developing skills in Google Analytics to measure the metrics of a campaign, track KPIs and improve the overall marketing of the campaign. An Academy for Ads account is required and this will allow you to complete Google Analytics for Beginners as well as Advanced Google Analytics modules to get ready for the exam. An 80% mark is required for a pass. The industry is constantly changing and employers look at these tests as a way to gauge your understanding of the material. Clients also find companies that have employees with these qualifications more valuable.


These are among the most popular digital platforms you will find today; however, you can also earn certifications on other major platforms and systems. Employers are placing more value on these digital tools; therefore, anyone with these skills is instantly seen as more valuable.


Get Certified Today

If you can’t wait to get your hands on your desired certification, then check out all the Certification Answers we offer. After you have procured your certification, we recommend you to go back and study up on the subject, to make sure you are well versed in the digital certification you just obtained.



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