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SEMrush – Perfect for SEO and Content Marketing

In this digital world, it has become fairly easy for businesses to know where they stand when it comes to online advertising. A Bloomberg study recently concluded that 80 percent of the modern day startups quit and shut their business within 3 years, and the reasons range from an improper business model, lack of money management to fierce competition and insufficient sales capabilities.

Well, it all boils down to one thing, which is Performance Tracking. While it’s important to keep an eye on the competition, it is equally important to know how you fair in reaching your set business objectives and goals. That’s exactly where the role of modern online tools kicks in.

One of the most important online marketing strategies, that has helped a myriad of small and medium-sized businesses reach their business goals, is Search Engine Optimization. Therefore, today we are going to discuss an online tool that can help your business track digital marketing efforts, giving special attention to SEO.

In this blog post, we will understand why SEMrush has surfaced as one of the most compelling online SEO tools and try getting familiar with how it functions.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive straight in!

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a digital marketing tactic that involves generating traffic using organic or free search results on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, AOL, etc.

Search engines have crawlers that are collecting information about the content that is present all over the internet. These crawlers are responsible to create the web index which is then processed through an algorithm responsible to match your search query with the processed data.

The factors that play a crucial role in the algorithm are:

  • Domain level keyword usage
  • Domain level keyword-agnostic features
  • Domain-level link authority features
  • Page-level link features
  • Page-level KW & content features
  • Page-level keyword-agnostic features
  • Domain-level brand features
  • User, usage, & traffic/query data
  • Social metrics

The search engine algorithms keep on evolving and changing with time as new factors are taken into consideration. Since the algorithms change frequently, we highly advise advertisers and business owners to always be on the edge and ready to implement new changes to their business website.

Search Engine Optimization, at a business point of view, requires a general overview of:

  • Building an SEO-friendly site
  • Content and related subjects
  • On-site topics
  • Link-related topics
  • Other micro-level optimization

These aspects of SEO can be categorized into two parts – On-Site SEO and Off-site SEO. Since there is much to take care of, we highly recommend automating a few of the important tasks using modern online SEO tools like SEMrush.

To get into details, one of the best options would be to complete the SEMrush certification course that helps you with understanding the online tool in an easier way. Let’s learn more about the tool.

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a highly trusted online tool built specifically to help website owners with finding profitable keywords and implementing the appropriate search engine optimization strategies.

The tool was launched in the year 2008 with the purpose of making the online competition more transparent by encouraging the usage of organic search engine optimization tactics.

Today, tools developed by SEMrush are trusted all over the world. Major companies like Philips, Forbes, PayPal and Hyatt have used SEMrush to meet their business goals. It this time SEMrush has aggregated a humongous database of over 46 million domains and more than 120 million keywords.

With the help of SEMrush, all modern businesses can track organic rankings of a website, copies of Google Ads and their rankings, Cost-per-Click, extensive market analysis, social media tracking, and what not. SEMrush can prove to be the difference if you are looking to implement a content marketing strategy for your brand.

Since there’s so much to learn about SEMrush, we highly recommend signing up for a SEMrush Certification in SEO to hone your SEO and content marketing skills.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing, in simple terms, is an online marketing strategy built to create, distribute and promote content which in some way or the other, brings value to the potential customer.

When a business creates high-quality and highly-thoughtful creative content, the chances of grabbing online attention, capturing leads, selling products or services and developing positive brand image becomes a high probability.

Content marketing is a practice which requires consistent efforts. When done the right way, it can help you build a community of customers who really trust your products and services and will stay loyal to your brand in a market full of competitors.

With great content, comes great authority. Content marketing can help you achieve the ultimate market authority when your content reflects the depth of passion you have for the niche.

The world is where it was centuries ago. It’s just that the attention has shifted from one medium to another. Today the attention is on the internet and therefore, it is your responsibility to engage with the audience on the same platform. Content marketing helps you achieve that aggressively.

With SEO tools like SEMrush, you can generate high-quality content targeted to a particular niche – all thanks to the perfect keyword tracking tools by SEMrush. If you are a beginner, you’d also love to check the SEMrush Certifications that can help you with your content marketing goals.

How does SEMrush help with SEO and Content Marketing?

Now that we know about SEMrush and basics of SEO and content marketing, let’s see how the tool can help you accomplish both for your business website.

Effective Keyword Research

We highly recommend placing keyword research and strategy as the topmost priority for your SEO and content marketing plans. Your potential customers will find you using keywords. SEMrush provides the best tools to help you identify the keywords and phrases which have the most probability of getting traffic for your business website. With this SEO intelligence provided by SEMrush, you can create an invincible keyword optimization and content marketing strategy. When you know how people are searching online, you will get a better idea of the user behavior. With SEMrush you can track the average number of monthly searches for the keywords you want to target, their competition and average Cost-per-Click.

Complete Comparative Competitors Analysis

We highly recommend you to keep track of your online marketing efforts in order to see whether you are able to achieve the goals you have set for your business. It is important for you to have a clear understanding of what you have achieved with those efforts. SEMrush allows you to do exactly that with a very simple process. All you have to do is paste your website URL on the SEMrush tool and take all important insights from the overview screen generate for your business website. You can get all the important insights like traffic source and volume, Google rankings mentioned on a real-time basis. You can get monthly SEO reports by SEMrush which will give you an opportunity to measure the performance of your website and traffic growth for a certain period. With an easy to use competitor’s analysis dashboard, you can monitor the progress of your website on a weekly basis.

Identifying New Keyword Opportunities

Running out of keyword ideas? SEMrush is a great keyword research tool that can help you brainstorm for new keyword ideas. The way it works is simple – just type in the keyword you think is relevant to your website and SEMrush will prepare and display a complete list of keywords relevant to it. Now go on and click on these new keywords and SEMrush will help you prepare more keywords originating from the one you clicked. This way SEMrush helps you identify new and better keywords that can be used while creating content in the future.

Track Website Rankings

SEMrush allows for an easy website ranking analysis. You can easily check the progression or regression of your website on the Google search engine by tracking the current and past rankings. This generates immense awareness and opportunity to reflect on the strategies implemented to improve the site’s ranking. Since you can check the ranking over any period of time, you can see for yourself the strategies which worked and which didn’t. Figuring out the strategies that worked and building new strategies on top of them will definitely help you succeed in your content marketing endeavors. Again, with SEMrush Certifications, you can easily understand how to implement these key actionable insights. So, don’t hold yourself back from learning the tool from scratch.

Find Better Advertising Opportunities

For people who are into blogging, display ads and other advertising options can become a great way to make money online. Once you figure out the content that is working best for your blog, you can start reaching out to businesses on the internet that are paying for PPC ads on the keywords you are making your website rank on Google. SEMrush looks for the keywords you are able to rank your website for and will generate a list of businesses running PPC ads for the same keywords. If the businesses you reach out like your proposal, they will be happy to advertise their products and services on your website.

Better Backlink Analysis

With the objective of getting more and more inbound links to your website, you can use SEMrush to understand how your website performs when it comes to generating backlinks. SEMrush shows you where your competitors are generating backlinks to their website and the number of backlinks they possess. With this information, you can tweak your backlink strategy effectively.

Get SEMrush Certified

SEMrush is a great online SEO tool that can help you create a solid content marketing strategy. You will find that SEMrush is absolutely critical to your strategies as it gives you a brilliant overview of how the audience, as well as the competitors in your niche, are performing.

Thus, it opens up new avenues to improve your website. With SEMrush certifications you can take your SEO and content marketing game a level up as you learn the crucial aspects of the online tool.

If you prefer to get your SEMrush certification first, and read up on the material later, then check out our SEMrush Certification Answers.




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