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Pair Google Analytics with Google Ads to Develop More Powerful Campaigns


The customer journey of today is more complex than ever before. It’s a constantly evolving and diverse. Consumers now use a variety of devices to research products before they buy, leaving marketers wondering how best to provide experiences that can better meet current expectations. Many marketers are seeking a better understanding of the journey their customers take before they make a purchase. By integrating Google Analytics with Google Ads this can be achieved.

By linking Google Analytics to Google Ads, you will have access to the kind of insight you need to develop smarter marketing campaigns with better results. Google has a guide that explains how to integrate these two and gain access to all the reports available in Analytics.


Develop Marketing Campaigns Based on Customer Insights

When you link Google Analytics with Google Ads you can use insights into your customers when creating your ad campaigns and gain a better understanding how well your ads move consumers toward buying. This is called informed marketing because you can adjust your ads based on this information to gain more conversions.

Optimize Your Bidding

Once you access all the reports in your analytics accounts, you will find out what occurs once a visitor clicks on one of your ads. For example, you will likely learn which keywords lead to the most conversions. With this information, you can now target your bidding on those keywords.

Provide Customized Messaging

Once you’ve integrated Google Analytics with Google Ads, you can share information gleaned about Analytics audiences with your Google Ads account to develop customized messaging for different groups. For example, you can create an audience made up of users who filled up their shopping cart but abandoned it before finalizing a purchase. You would then develop a custom campaign in Google Ads for this group to more effectively persuade them to buy.

Analytics’ Machine Learning Capabilities

Google Analytics has powerful machine learning capabilities that can quickly provide important information about your visitors. For example, you can use plain English in asking, “On average, how much time do mobile users spend on my homepage?” and you will get an immediate answer. You can also utilize machine learning to create a Smart List of your top customers, allowing you to develop Google Ads campaigns targeting those valuable customers.


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