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HubSpot Academy Certification – Is it worth it?


Digital Marketing Education, as we speak, is inching closer to its saturation point as more and more organizations are launching digital marketing programs to help beginners make their space in the industry.

But the one organization which has continued to stay the most relevant in digital marketing and the corresponding education programs is HubSpot Academy. You’ll hardly find a content and inbound marketing enthusiast who doesn’t know about HubSpot Academy.

Well, you don’t have to worry even if you are not aware of it as this blog post gives you an opportunity to get yourself acquainted to HubSpot Academy as well as the highly sought after digital marketing certifications they have to offer.

So, let’s dive straight in and understand HubSpot.

What is HubSpot Academy?

HubSpot has established itself as one of the best digital marketing learning resources online that offers unmatched marketing education to marketers and enthusiasts certifications and project training. The HubSpot Academy’s badge of honor has proven to be a major factor that can improve the reputation of an individual or company in the digital marketing field.

Being one of the household names in the field of inbound marketing, HubSpot evolved with the purpose of reaching more and more people who want to make a transition to modern online advertising.

To be specific, HubSpot stands for attracting customers using the following three mediums:

  • Branding
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • High-quality and relevant content

HubSpot has made it easier for businesses to use its various digital marketing friendly tools and features that can help them build their inbound marketing strategies.

Again, HubSpot Academy provides a great deal of exposure to beginners as well as industry professionals which help them understand digital marketing in a more practical way. It does that with their HubSpot Certification Programs.

What are HubSpot Certifications?

If you are someone who is looking to learn digital advertising with the purpose of mastering inbound marketing, then HubSpot Academy is the place to go. HubSpot Academy offers various digital marketing certifications that are free of cost and can easily take you through the process of inbound marketing.

HubSpot Certification Programs are built on real-life examples and training in each module to make learning absolutely lucid. With short tests at the end of each module, you can make sure you have clearly understood the concepts and their applications.

Some of the statistics you must know about HubSpot Certifications are:

  • It contains more than 50 hours of video material
  • It contains more than 6000 informational slides
  • It contains more than 750 exam questions

The HubSpot Certifications involves the learner with informative videos inside chapters hosted by digital marketing experts at HubSpot. The test contains multiple-choice questions which come up at the end of each chapter.

The interface is quite simple and easy to understand. Students can use the transcripts or even download the material. This helps to make the test material easily accessible in case you don’t have a stable internet connection.

After the successful completion of HubSpot Certification, you are eligible for the badge of honor and a HubSpot Certificate that proves your knowledge in a specific field.

What are the types of certifications?

In this section, we are going to mention some of the HubSpot Certifications and provide you with all the relevant details for the same. This will help you figure out which HubSpot Certification is right for you. If you are a business owner, you can choose the certifications that fit best for your employees and organization.

Inbound Marketing

This is a certification containing 12 classes ranging from website optimization to creating landing pages that generate more leads. The course is free and covers the basics of inbound marketing. It has a total of 60 questions and contains a total of 60 video tutorials. Passing percentage for this certification is 75 percent.

HubSpot Sales Software

This certification allows you to demonstrate the skills for running an inbound sales process with the help of free marketing and sales tools by HubSpot. It contains 5 tests with 50 questions. The certification has 35 videos and requires a minimum of 75 percent to pass.

HubSpot Design

This certification course is mainly for developers who want to learn how to design using the HubSpot Content Optimization System. This requires knowledge of CSS and its application with HTML. It has only one module and a test of 70 questions.

HubSpot Agency Partner

For agency owners, this certification course helps you to know how to market, sell and grow your marketing agency using the inbound techniques. This has a total of 4 sections with 80 questions. This course contains 44 highly informative video tutorials.

Inbound Sales

The Inbound Sales Certification is for anyone wanting to learn actionable tips for their next big sales call or meeting. This course allows the candidate to learn how to find fresh prospects, establish a connection and provide value to them. The course consists of 60 questions and 21 video tutorials.

Growth-driven Design Agency

This is a great certification course for anyone who is running an agency. The course provides you with a 5-class course and training and templates to start marketing in an instance. It has a total of 5 sections with 32 questions and contains 22 video classes.

Email Marketing

HubSpot Academy has an advanced Email Marketing course that will help you learn a successful integration of lifecycle marketing, segmentation, email design, and analytics in order to build a solid email marketing strategy. The course has 9 sections and 60 questions with 27 video tutorials.

Content Marketing

We all know how important is having a bullet-proof content marketing strategy in place.  HubSpot claims that Content Marketing is the foundation of any inbound marketing strategy. With this course, you can learn the art of storytelling. Understand the process of content creation and repurposing the same to leverage all around brand promotion. The course has 11 sections and 60 questions. Learn from 35 videos tutorials hosted by HubSpot experts.

Is a HubSpot Certification worth it?

Well, HubSpot Academy is the real deal. Let’s first talk about the numbers here. As we speak, the number of people who have successfully completed the HubSpot Certifications is a whopping 100,000! That’s 100,000 people having the HubSpot Badge of Honor.

HubSpot Academy currently holds an all-time rating of 4.7/5 on G2 Crowd and has aggregated more than 116 reviews. Most of the ratings range from 3 to 5 which is great for an online course that gives away certifications for free.

But why does HubSpot Academy not get a rating less than 3? Out of the 100,000 successful course completions, not a single person rated HubSpot lower than 3. There’s a reason behind this.

When it comes to HubSpot Academy, one of the major factors why people enjoy their certifications is that they come for free. This means that even if you didn’t like a module or a section of the course, you haven’t lost a penny. Another great reason why you should definitely pursue your favourite certification is the amount of knowledge HubSpot has in its courses! With every certification course, you get high-quality content, detailed informative videos which have helped many beginners and industry professionals get results.

We highly recommend checking the HubSpot Academy course at least for once to see it yourself.

Where to Start with HubSpot Certification?

If you are looking to start a HubSpot Certification course, then you can do it easily as well.

All you have to do is log on to and search for your desired course. You will have to sign up with HubSpot Academy using your email address and that’s it.

You can start with the course and complete it at your own pace.

Get HubSpot Certified Today

HubSpot Academy is growing fast. It is definitely not leaving any stone unturned when it comes to coming up with new ideas and content to help the digital marketers of tomorrow make the right marketing decisions.

If you prefer to get certified first and read up on the exam afterwards, then check out our HubSpot Certification Answers. If you are in a hurry, then this is for you. Get your certification today!


With HubSpot, you can take your professional skills to a whole new level. We highly recommend you to try some of the practical courses and comprehensive certifications to get a taste of what we are talking about.


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