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How a Google Ads Certification Benefits You

With the incessantly changing dynamics of the online world, marketing has emerged as the only playfield businesses can be absolutely sure of. In 2019, it’s of no surprise for us to notice a huge percentage of the marketing budget invested in online advertising.

Today, more and more online advertising platforms are surfacing on the internet which has made businesses try each of these avenues in order to drive traffic. Well, businesses in modern times don’t want to feel left out when everybody else is making money off these online advertising platforms.

Why do businesses choose Google Ads?

One such online advertising platform is Google Ads, which has helped its owner Google (Alphabet) aggregate revenue amounting to almost 116.3 billion US Dollars in 2018.

Businesses are investing a huge chunk of their marketing budget in running Google Ads, something that absolutely makes sense when you look at the following statistics of Google:

  • Google owns a whopping 71% of the search market share.
  • Is the owner of the world’s largest network of online advertising.
  • Claims that Google Ads reach an astonishing 80% of global internet users.
  • People consuming Google Ads are 155% more likely to search for the brand they saw in the ads.
  • Businesses makes an average of 200% profit for every dollar spent on Google Ads.
  • 72% of online advertisers say they will expand their PPC budgets.

So, let’s understand how can modern advertisers learn the art of running Google Ads and become valuable for any business today.

How to run advertisements using Google Ads platform?

For a marketer who wants to try out the field of digital marketing, it is highly recommended to learn Google Ads and the Google Analytics platforms.

However, in an era where almost every online advertiser is benefitting from running Google Ads, only a few consider enrolling in the Google certification programs.

Google provides everyone a certification course that allows understanding the Google Ads and Google Analytics platforms inside and out.

Although a mere certification course does not guarantee great results, here are a few benefits the Google Ads Certification program can provide:

What are the benefits of the Google Ads Certification Program?

Get Google Certified

What’s better than getting trained by the giant of internet computing – Google. Today, when Google Ads have become a prime online advertising platform, only a few advertisers can boast professional training by Google. When you enroll for Google the certification program, you can rest assure that every knowledge you’ll gain will be of high-quality and absolutely practical. When Google certifies you as a PPC specialist, no one can doubt your skills and knowledge about Google Ads.

Understand the Interface better

Google Ads is a labyrinth of infinite advertising features which requires a great amount of time and effort to understand. To overcome this challenge, we highly recommend marketers to enroll for Google Ads Certification to undergo a set program that would lead to a better understanding of the highly-confusing interface. It is of great help because it provides you with an edge whenever you run Google Ads campaigns. With the Google Ads Certification, you will improve at Google Ads to a great extent that you’ll know all the secret tricks and tactics like the back of your hands.

Add value to the Resume

Google Ads has become one of the largest online advertising platforms that bring great revenue and profits to businesses running Google Ads. With such popularity of Google Ads, we have noticed a great increase in demand for specialists having professional skills in running a successful Google Ads campaign. Businesses, today are hiring more and more qualified Google Ads specialists to make sure their Google Ads campaign bring in the expected revenue and eventually help them reach their business goals. Once you are done with successful completion of the Google Ads Certification course, you can flaunt the certification on your resume. This certification definitely provides you with an edge over candidates possessing no training whatsoever.

Achieve better Clientele

The online world has opened up a myriad of alternatives to the typical 9 to 5 work culture. Today, it is very much possible to quit your 9 to 5 jobs and make great money working as a Google Ads Consultant. With a Google Ads Certification, the transition from a full-time employee to a full-time consultant will be smooth as your potential clients will not hesitate to trust your skills. Being endorsed by Google is a sure-shot way to impress your customers and expanding your clientele. With a Google Ads Certification, being your own boss is a possibility you should never underestimate. Well, who would not want to work on their own terms?

Get Better Campaign Results

Nothing speaks more than the results you achieve. With the Google Ads tips and tricks in your inventory, you can help your clients get great revenue by successfully running their ad campaigns. The Google Ads Certification introduces the candidate with all the possibilities which help him to stay confident in tough situations. With time, the basics learned from Google Ads Certification programs will turn into advanced skills and you will create successful ad campaigns without much effort. With better campaign results, you will achieve recognition in the field of PPC Advertising. This will help you create a reputation of your own in the marketplace.

Pass on the Knowledge as Online Course

Lastly, Google Ads Certification will leave you with a possibility to become a Google Ads guru. With the knowledge accumulated in the program, you can benefit from teaching Google Ads to budding marketers. With a Google Certified tag, you will be able to gain the trust of the students and can launch your own Online Course. This can help you generate another source of income.

Get Google Ads Certified

A Google Ads Certification doesn’t mean a guaranteed success in the field of Digital Marketing.But, it definitely ensures that you undergo a well-structured training program, designed to help you succeed.

With steady practice, you can become an awesome Google Ads Specialist.

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