Search Ads 360 Certification Exam

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Search Ads 360 Certification Exam

Search Ads 360 Certification Exam Answers

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Search Ads 360 Certification Exam

This examination assesses how to set up Search campaigns across more than one search engine; assignment of targets, goals, as well as bid strategies; troubleshooting problems; quantifying impact; and structuring campaigns to achieve optimal output. Get Certified Today with Best Certification Answers!

Questions you might encounter in this certification:

How often is Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Baidu data refreshed in Search Ads 360?


What type of bid strategy is supported by the forecasting tool?

Max clicks
Conversions or Revenue

Which three landing page tests are available in Search Ads 360? (select three)

Select All Correct Responses
Segment landing page test
Alldevices landing page test
Desktop landing page test
Mobile landing page test

In what order should new entities be created (assuming no campaigns already exist)? Keyword > Ad Group > Campaign Campaign > Ad Group > Ad > Keyword Ad Group > Keyword > Campaign Keyword > Campaign > Ad Group

What could prevent Inventory Management from making changes to a campaign?

Edits to ad rotation settings
Manual edits to campaign name or status
Edits to campaign bids or bid strategies
Manual edits to keyword URL templates

Which two changes does an advertiser manager have permission to make to an advertiser account? (select two)

Select All Correct Responses
Remove user access to an agency’s advertisers
Edit all advertisers within an agency
Edit advertiser components
Edit advertiser settings

When a reporting view is saved, who has access to the view?

All users within that advertiser
No users within that advertiser
Select users within that advertiser
Only users with edit access within that advertiser

When a Search Ads 360 advertiser is added with a different currency than the linked Campaign Manager advertiser, which product sets the currency for that Search Ads 360 advertiser? Search Ads 360 Display & Video 360 Each product uses separate currencies
Campaign Manager

What action should be used to pass a conversion attribute (such as shipping cost)?

Set up Custom Floodlight Variable using bulksheets
Set up an additional Floodlight tag and pass the shipping cost through the revenue field
Set up Custom Floodlight Variable using the relevant engine frontend
Set up Custom Floodlight Variable as a metric

Which two filters are available in the change history report? (select two)

Creation date
Change Type

If an engine account is set to a different timezone than an advertiser, in which timezone will Floodlight metrics appear when scoped to the advertiser level?

The advertiser’s timezone
The engine’s timezones
Campaign Manager’s timezone
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Which attribute may be used to upload paid search offline conversions via the
Campaign Manager API? GCLID Keyword Campaign ID Match Type If an engine account is set to a different currency than an advertiser, metrics will appear in

what currency when scoped to the engine level?

Billing currency
Engine’s currency
Ad group’s currency
Advertiser’s currency

Which two constraints can an advertiser select on their conversion-based bid strategies? (select two)

Select All Correct Responses
Impression share

What setting should be applied to a Floodlight tag passing offline conversion
data? Primary source is offline Dynamic tag Image tag only Primary source is retail

Which three frequencies can be scheduled for reports? (select three)

Select All Correct Responses Monthly Daily Weekly Hourly

Data Exclusion events exclude data for a minimum of how many hours?

8 hours
4 hours
24 hours
2 hours

What are two key differentiators in functionality between labels and business data?

Select All Correct Responses
Ability to pause biddable items
Ability to attach a business calendar
Ability to report at the campaign level
Ability to pivot metrics within Search Ads 360

What Floodlight tag measures purchases and revenue on a website?

Counter Revenue Transaction Action

When a Search Ads 360 advertiser is linked to Campaign Manager, which product sets the timezone? Display & Video 360 Search Ads 360 Campaign Manager Each product uses separate time zones

At which three levels can automated rules be set up? (select three)

Select All Correct Responses

Which two types of campaigns do bid strategy opportunities analyze? (select two)

Google Ads App campaigns
Gemini manual campaigns
Bing Ads manual campaigns
Google Ads manual campaigns

Which two segments CANNOT be applied to reporting data? (select two)

Select All Correct Responses Business data Attribution model User ID Device type

What attribution model assigns all credit to the last click on a paid search ad before a conversion? Data-Driven Last paid search interaction First interaction Position-based

Which two features may be used to upload offline conversion data to a Search Ads 360 keyword ID? (select two)

Select All Correct Responses
Search Ads 360 API
Campaign Manager API
Google Ads API

Which three items can a bid strategy consider when optimizing the performance of a bidding portfolio as a whole? (select three)

Ad groups
Keywords / Product Groups

Which level’s settings CANNOT be edited with bulksheets? (select two)

Ad Group

Bulksheets can be used to complete which two tasks? (select two)

Select All Correct Responses
Generate formula columns in bulk
Upload offline conversions
Upload custom Floodlight variable data
Create labels

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