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Display & Video 360 Certification Exam

Display & Video 360 Certification Exam Certification Answers

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Display & Video 360 Certification Exam

This examination assesses how to set up programmatic and direct deal campaign, comprising assignment of targets, inventory, goals, budgets, as well as creatives. Get Certified Today with Best Certification Answers!

Questions you might encounter in this certification:

What environment supports proximity targeting?

Desktop Web on Mobile TrueView

What are two ways to make bulk changes within Display & Video 360 campaigns?

Select All Correct Responses
Use Structured Data Files(SDF)
Update within CampaignManager
Navigate to optimization within line item view
Naviagate to Insertion Order < Line Item level < Select Line Item < Action <Bulk Edit

How does the setup for a Programmatic Guaranteed deal differ from a preferred deal?

Programmatic Guaranteed deals are available in the insertion order’s Inventory source targeting
The publisher needs to agree on the targeting and categories for an open auction deal
The publisher needs to agree on number of impressions and fixed price for a Programmatic
Guaranteed deal

The publisher sets up line items in Display & Video 360 for any Programmatic Guaranteed deals What is required for creative approval?

HTML5 formatting A valid landing page A 3rd-party verification tracker Data sharing is enabled

How can an advertiser be granted access to TrueView inventory?

Accept Terms & Conditions and Fees in the Partner’s settings
Add a 4 percent media fee to the partner revenue model
Add YouTube to the targeted sites in the TrueView channel
Add YouTube to the list of accepted exchanges in the Partner’s settings

What step should be taken to track and secure a programmatic deal with a publisher?

Go to the partner’s Basic Details, in Display & Video 360 and link the deal ID
Contact your customer support representative
Go to Marketplace Negotiations to review and accept deals in Display & Video 360
Go to Inventory targeting within a line item and search within “Inventory Source”

To send data from Campaign Manager to Display & Video 360, what initial step should be taken?

Associate the Display & Video 360 partner ID in Campaign Manager’s Properties
Remove any reference to Campaign Manager Site(s) in Display & Video’s Basic Details
Associate Display & Video 360 in the advertiser’s Floodlight configuration in Campaign
Manager Associate the Bid Manager partner ID in the advertier’s “Creatives fields” section

To access a first-party audience list from a Floodlight tag in Display & Video 360, what step should be taken in Campaign Manager?

Assign the Floodlight tag to an audience list
Set the Floodlight tag to accept Dynamic tags
Add a custom variable for audience targeting
Add a Display & Video 360 macro to the Floodlight Tag

How would you add third-party verification to a creative when Campaign Manager is your ad server?

In Display & Video 360, use the custom tag wrapper feature
Add the Display & Video 360 tags to Campaign Manager with the third party verification’s
tracking link
Download the Campaign Manager tag, append to the Display & Video 360 tag, and perform a
SDF bulk upload
Add the integration code to the advertiser’s Basic Details and upload the tags to Display &
Video 360

Which environments and inventory sources cannot run within a single line item?

Desktop and mobile web
Mobile web and mobile app
YouTube and open exchange Mobile app and mobile app interstitial

Which two views show the revenue and conversion metrics for line items? (select two)

Select All Correct Responses Quality view Pacing view Performance view Optimization view

What step would an advertiser take to target a list of email addresses?

Assign a Floodlight tag to an audience list in Campaign Manager
Add the email addresses to keyword targeting
Create a Customer Match list for TrueView
Create a Custom Affinity audience list

Which ad format supports pre-bid verification with Integral Ad Science?

Mobile app

Where can a preferred deal be assigned?

In the line item’s creative assignment
In the partner settings, under inventory source
In the line item’s inventory source targeting
In the line item’s audience targeting

What is one way to control ad frequencies across multiple insertion orders?

Create insertion order budget segments Assign a frequency cap to each creative Set campaign-level frequency caps Set recency targeting

What report can identify when a campaign overspent the budget?

A Verification report, grouped by “Advertiser Currency”
An Inventory Availability report grouped by “Time of Day”
Basic or Standard report, grouped by “Time of Day”
A SDF report based on the insertion order and line items

What report can help verify if pixels load correctly on a webpage?

Gross Rating Points
Inventory Availability

What report shows the number of unique users for a specific website?

Audience Composition
Inventory Availability

What step would be taken to verify that conversion pixels are implemented and load correctly?

Generate a Unique Reach report and include Cookie Reach: Average Impression Frequency
Check the line item performance metrics for conversions greater than zero
Generate a Standard or General report and include conversion metrics
Generate a pixel load report grouped by the conversion pixel(s)

When creating a new TrueView campaign, how long should be allocated for creative review?

Up to 6 hours Up to 24 hours Up to 2 hours
Up to 12 hours

What feature allows users to adjust fixed bids for different geographies or device types?

Recency targeting
Partner revenue model
Viewability targeting
Bid multipliers

What inventory sources allow for exclusive publisher partnerships?

Automatic Deals and private auctions
Exchanges and preferred deals
Automatic Deals and preferred deals
Preferred deals and private auctions

What data cannot be evaluated with a Standard or General performance report?

Impressions and eCPM by website
Clicks and conversions for individual creatives
The match ratio of third- and first-party audience segments
Viewability metrics across each IO and line item

What is the correct Display & Video 360 account hierarchy?

Partner > Campaign > Advertiser > Insertion order > Line item > Creative
Partner > Advertiser > Campaign > Insertion order > Line item > Creative
Insertion order > Partner > Line > Advertiser Account > Line item > Advertiser > Insertion order > Partner

What step should be taken to assign an advertiser to a preferred deal when creating a new inventory source?

Check that the advertiser has been automatically added to the line item’s deal
Add the advertiser’s name to the inventory access field
Ask the publisher to activate the deal in Display & Video 360’s insertion order

How can a profit margin be applied to the revenue metric?

Add a column and manually calculate revenue
Assign a media cost markup to the partner revenue model
Add a percent markup in the billing profile
Assign the pixel to a line item’s conversion tracking

When is a “view” counted for TrueView campaigns?

Each time the user clicks or watches 30 seconds or the entire video
Each time a video’s screen is 50% viewable on the page
Each time the user watches at least two seconds of the video
Each time Active View recognizes TrueView

What format cannot share a frequency cap with other media formats?

What should be used to investigate why a line item isn’t winning the majority of qualifying open
auction impressions? The “Line Item Settings” CSV The line item’s impressions lost chart A General or Standard report grouped by channel The Inventory Marketplace forecast

To activate the creative approvals process for a new creative, what step must be taken?

Set the creative to active
Assign the creative to an active line item
Resubmit the creative for approval
Upload the creative to Display & Video 360

What hierarchy levels are required to permission and link a YouTube channel to run TrueView?

Campaign and Advertiser
Partner and Advertiser
Advertiser and Insertion Order
Partner and Insertion Order

What line items are impacted by insertion order default targeting?

All current line items
Only video line items
New line items only, not current line items
TrueView line items

For deals, which tool can be used to identify if the correct creative sizes are sent with the bid request?

YouTube Programmatic Guaranteed reporting
Creative status field
Advertiser’s History
Deals Troubleshooter

How can a site be blacklisted from an advertiser’s media buys?

Add the URL to a channel that is assigned to the advertiser’s exclusionary channel
Use the audience composition report and exclude audiences that visit that site
Add the URL to the advertiser’s URL field

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