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Campaign Manager Certification

Campaign Manager Certification Exam Certification Answers

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Campaign Manager Certification Exam

This examination cuts across topics from planning, implementing, reporting, to troubleshooting reservation buys, while working across partners. The exam also covers ad tag delivery, measurement, and troubleshooting approaches with which performance can be optimized Get Certified Today with Best Certification Answers!

Questions you might encounter in this certification:

When dynamic display creatives are published from Studio, what creative type is set in Campaign Manager?

HTML5 banner
Rich Media
Custom Display Interstitial Image

To link a Display & Video 360 advertiser, what initial step must be taken in Campaign Manager?

From Campaign Manager, go to the Google Marketing Platform apps icon
and select Display & Video 360
Contact support using live chat
Add the Display & Video 360 partner ID to the Floodlight configuration as an association
Create a new association in the advertiser’s properties and add the Trafficking code

What cost model only calculates cost for impressions measured as viewable by Active View?


Where are Campaign Manager and Display & Video 360 linked?

Floodlight configuration
Advertiser properties
Admin subaccounts
Campaign properties

When the primary HTML5 assets get delayed, what will serve in a user’s browser as it’s loading?

Backup image
.swf file
Default ad
Polite load image

When would a VPAID asset be used?

As a backup for a VAST asset
When VAST is not supported
For videos served on mobile devices
When a video ad contains interactive features

For Floodlight tags to properly attribute in-app conversions, what needs to happen within the app?

Device ID needs to be passed into the dcflrdid parameter
A global site tag (gtag.js) must be used
The tag needs to be set as INS tag with mobile capacity
The tag needs to be assigned an app ID

What happens when a user meets the frequency cap for an ad?

Another ad or a default ad is served
The placement stops serving to that user
Ads serve at a lower CPM
Ads stop serving to that user

If an Agency Trafficker can only see a subset of active campaigns within their account view, where would a Agency Admin go to adjust access to all campaigns?

Subaccount access
User roles
User profile filters
Google account permissions

Which information can be extracted from the data in the Verification tab? (select two)

Select All Correct Responses
Charts showing all of the errors related to visual performance
Issues related to content
Conversion and revenue performance
Errors for the ad tag related to implementation issues

What does an “execution channel” represent in the Planning process?

The link from the inventory in a media plan to a Campaign Manager campaign where
Placements can be executed
A “channel” created between an advertiser and publisher as soon as the RFP is sent
An area to enter the user’s objectives, budget, and start and end dates
The act of sending an RFP to begin the negotiation process with the publisher

What targeting rules display an ad to users who have viewed a product, but not purchased it?

Positively target all product viewers AND collect purchase IDs using u-variables
Negatively target all product purchasers AND collect purchase IDs using u-variables
Positively target all product viewers AND negatively target all product purchasers
Positively target all product purchasers AND negatively target all product viewers

What attribution model uses Floodlight data from both attributed and non-attributed conversions?

Time Decay model
First Interaction model
Data-driven model
Linear model

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