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Google Analytics Certification – The Game Changer


Peter Ducker, the famous management guru once said –

‘What gets Measured, gets Managed.’

In the modern world, the importance of data analytics cannot be underestimated. With the latest technological advancements, keeping track of all the data and processing the data into meaningful information has helped businesses make well-informed decisions.

When we discuss the importance of having a business website, we eventually land on the issue of accumulating traffic and behavioural metrics of multiple sources, interacting with different pages and content of websites.

To be able to effectively do the same, it is important to have access to tools and software that can provide you adequate analytics and support data, and present the data in the form of actionable insights that can be easily implemented.

Today, in this blog post, we will discuss one such online analytics tool, that has revolutionized the art of tracking website performance – Google Analytics. Further, we will understand why it is important to have the Google Analytics Certification to use the tool in the most efficient way.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics, launched by Google Inc. in the year 2005, has travelled a great distance to become one of the most widely used online web analytics tools on the planet. Google Analytics offers both free and premium services and is easily accessible by businesses of all sizes.

Being an online tool, the user does not need to install anything on a computer and can meanwhile track all the latest developments of the website in the Google Analytics dashboard. All that is required is a stable internet connection and a Google account.

Google Analytics is a well-developed data collection, processing, and performance tracking tool that keeps a tab on the users and visitors on your website. To help it do so, website owners install a JavaScript Tracking Code on the webpage. This tracking code is responsible for collecting the required data and then feed the data into Google Analytics.

Google Analytics functions brilliantly when it comes to providing important consumer behaviour insights, actionable feedback for your website, online marketing budget allocation, and so much more.

To understand how to use Google Analytics for maximum impact, we recommend you take the Google Analytics Certification. Let’s learn about Google Analytics Certification.

What is the Google Analytics Certification Exam?

Google Analytics has a highly user-friendly interface which allows beginners to make important decisions for their websites. However, Google Analytics has many features that require a skillset and knowledge to gain maximum leverage.

Google has come up with an online certification program that tests the knowledge and skilfulness of an individual in Google Analytics. The exam can be found in the Google Analytics Academy and is known as Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam.

When an individual clears the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam, he receives a certificate from Google proving his proficiency in using Google Analytics. You can take the exam by creating an individual profile and registering yourself as a Google Partner.

The Google Analytics exam consists of 70 multiple-choice questions and the candidate is required to score at least 80% correct answers to pass. The exam lasts for 90 minutes which leaves you with 1.5 minutes for every question. Therefore, it is important to stay vigilant and prompt when taking the exam.

Once you pass the exam, you will be awarded the certificate of achievement and your name will be added to the list of Google Analytics Qualified individuals. This definitely boosts the resume of a candidate as well as of an agency looking for closing more clients.

What are the benefits of Google Analytics Certification?

When running a business, the more you know about the customer, the more success you can bring to your brand. This is true even for the online world and can be implemented to your website development as well.

With the help of Google Analytics Certification, you can understand how Google Analytics works and can use the tool to maximize your website’s performance.

There are many benefits attached to a Google Analytics Certification program. Let’s discuss them in this section.

Advanced Competency

The very basic and fundamental benefit any individual or agency will get from successful completion of the Google Analytics Certification program is the skills to operate Google Analytics that ensure online success. When preparing for the exam, Google will provide you with video tutorials that will give you a complete walkthrough of how Google Analytics looks and functions, providing detail about every basic and advanced feature and best practices. With the help of Google Analytics Certification, you can enjoy a well-structured path that leads the candidate to a level where he can showcase his Google Analytics skills with utmost perfection.

Competency Check

We believe that understanding a tutorial or watching a video is one thing whereas being able to apply the knowledge in real-time is another. Google Analytics Certification exam helps you to distinguish yourself from the crowd that ‘kinda knows’ about Google Analytics. The study material provided by Google Analytics Academy will definitely help you understand Google Analytics. But, the exam will help you ensure that you are able to apply the learnings in real-time situations. This is great as it improves your confidence in using Google Analytics tools and can help you perform brilliantly in your professional career.

Resume Builder

When you enter your professional career, you will find many people just filling out their resume with various competencies and mastery over the analytics tool. You will easily encounter people claiming mastery over a set of tools. The truth is that today anyone can claim master over anything. But when it comes to Google Analytics, a Google Analytics Certification is enough for the interviewer to objectively measure the skill set of the candidate. Your competency can be easily verified with Google as upon successful completion of Google Analytics Certification exam, you get to enter the elite group of people who have been listed on Google Partners official website. Earning a Google Analytics Certification requires effort especially gaining the practical knowledge it bring.

Company Benefits

When you have a Google Analytics Certification, you increase your chances to be employed by a company as the company would also want to have employees that are well-versed with Google Analytics and related certification. This will help the company get a Google Analytics Certified badge as well. The status offers the company unlimited access to special technical support from Google itself. When certified, the company will be able to close more projects and can significantly help to achieve its business goals.

Best tips to pass Google Analytics Certification Exam

Going ahead and preparing for the Google Analytics Certification Exam requires strategizing and planning to ensure success in minimum attempts. Here are the best tips that can prove handy when preparing for the exam.

Go through Exam Study Guides

Want to pass Google Analytics IQ exam with flying colors? Then make sure you keep the exam study guides a priority while preparing for the exam. The guide is comprehensive in its way of approaching Google Analytics tools. From setting up accounts to installing tracking codes, the guide has it all. Not just that, the guide also covers advanced and complex features as well.

Practice note-taking

It’s scientifically proven that you can sharpen your ability to remember things if you write them down. We highly recommend writing and making notes while you go through the exam study guides. Make plenty of notes in a well-structured way so that you can look up any information you want within seconds. You can use these handwritten notes while you take the exam as well.

Avoid cramming at all times

When preparing for the Google Analytics Certification exam it is important to understand the end goal. If your end goal is acquiring a skill set that can help you get a great job or improve your business website, then cramming won’t cut it.

Schedule the study time

Discipline is freedom. When trying to pass an exam, it is important to first make time for it. Create a schedule and stick to it. We understand that there are many responsibilities that need to be taken care of and adding this task will only make the day more burdensome. But, earning this certification is important and requires you to create a block of uninterrupted time you can devote to studying for the exam.

Get Google Analytics Certified Today

There you go. We have mentioned almost everything you need to kickstart your journey towards reaching the summit and earning yourself a Google Analytics Certification!

If you prefer to get certified first and read up on the exam afterwards, then check out our Google Analytics Certification Answers. If you are in a hurry, then this is for you. Get your certification today!


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