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The Google Ads answers, which we provide for you have been designed by digital marketing specialists with over two decades of experience. We have an in-depth understanding of online marketing and have aced the Google Ads certification assessments countless times. So, you can utilize our combined expertise and experience to your advantage. Once you download our Google Ads answers, you are guaranteed to ace the Google Ads Certification assessments with ease.

Google Ads Certification Answers

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Foundation concepts and best practices for running Google Ads campaigns

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Search Advertising

Running search ad campaigns on Google Search Network

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Display Advertising

Handling display ad campaigns on Google’s display campaigns

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Mobile Advertising

Specialized concepts and best practices for managing mobile ads

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Shopping Advertising

Orchestrate better shopping campaigns, create product data feeds, & more

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Video Advertising

Running successful video ad campaigns across YouTube and the web

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Digital Sales

Concepts and best practices to become a successful online sales manager

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Other Certifications

Check out all the Google Certifications in Academy for Ads.

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Google Ads Certifications!

Google offers 7 certification assessments for digital marketing professionals. Among them, the Google Ads Fundamentals is the basic assessment, which acts as a qualifying assessment for the 6 Google Ads certifications. Once you clear the Fundamentals assessment, you can choose one or more of the 6 additional certification assessments. Passing any of these additional assessments will grant you the certificate in the respective area. For instance, if you pass Google Ads Fundamentals and Search Advertising certification assessments, then you’ll be a Google Ads certified professional in search advertising.

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