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Our primary goal is to help you succeed in your online marketing certification exams. We provide you with top quality certification answers and practical study guides to learn all the details. Our certification answers help you pass your desired certification exam 100% guaranteed.

With the help of our certified experts, assembled around the world, we often get new certification exams, and most importantly, we frequently get fresh and updated answers to existing certifications — all in the effort to help you pass the exam easily and simply.

All certification answers are written in English.
In the Academy for Ads (All Google exams) you have the option to choose your preferred language before taking the exam.
And once you successful passed the exam, you can have your certificate in your desired language. Just ensure to choose English before you launch the exam.

All the answers are not correct; however, the number of incorrect answers is fairly insignificant, meaning you will still pass the exam with ease. Most of our certification answers have a correct hit rate of 95-100%

All our Certification Answers are searchable PDF’s. Just use ‘ctrl + f’ to find the correct answer for your exam questions.
Pro tip: Consider using shorter phrases while searching in the file, to avoid possible formatting differences like double spaces and similar.

Your money is non-refundable after your purchase has been accepted.
However, in a situation where the answers are updated within the next 14 days after your purchase, we will review the answers and forward the new answers to you – free of charge.

Yes, we update our certification answers very often. In a situation where the exams are changed with new answers in the following 14 days after your purchase, we will examine the questions and send you the latest answers to the updated questions for free.

You have the option to download a free sample before committing to buying the Certification Answers. Through the free sample, you will get a basic understanding of what to expect when you eventually buy the Certification Answers. We are sure you will love it!

Within some certification questions and their answers, we have added their source links. These source links will allow you to explore the materials, but we advise you to do this after passing your exams. This is to ensure that your time is used for preparation, rather than research.

This is for you, if you want to get multiple certifications at once and at the same time save big! All our membership deals offer big discounts!
As long as you are a member, you will also have access to new and updated answers at all time. You can cancel the membership subscription at anytime you chose. Until you cancel you will be charged the membership fee once a month.

Yes, we accept payment through PayPal and credit cards. All payment is handled through an SSL encrypted payment gateway. We value your privacy.


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