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Everything You Need to know about the Google Ads Certification


The world of advertising has made major breakthroughs in the digital arena.

Since a vast majority of the incessantly growing population has turned digital, advertisers have realized the growing trend and taken advertising to people using digital media.

But, as we always say on our blog – ‘Advertising is an art, mastered by the practitioner’, it is crucial for the modern advertiser to make a smooth transition by learning how to advertise online.

Regardless of how easy it has become to generate leads and make sales online, the scope of improvement should never be underestimated. Therefore, it is better to learn online advertising from the ground up and become a master with regular practice.

Today, in this blog post, our readers will understand how they can take the right steps into creating one of the most successful advertising campaigns on one of the most popular online advertising platforms – The Google Ads Network.

The blog post will take the readers on a journey into understanding the nuances of Google Ads and how to get Google Ads certified from the technology giant itself – Google Inc.

So, buckle up and let’s dive straight into the world of Google Ads Certification.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is an online advertising platform that leverages the search results on Google Search and third-party websites using the Google Display and Google Adsense program.

Another ad network advertisers may utilize is the Google Display Network. It’s this network that comes into play when an advertiser wants to display his ads on third-party websites that have partnered and agreed to display ads created using advertising platforms by Google.

Such Google ads created on Google Display Network or GDN involves written content, creatives, videos, etc. and can be precisely targeted to serve their purpose.

How do Google Ads work?

The soul of Google Ads is the list of keywords you choose to run your ads. When an advertiser wants to run ads on Google Ads, he has to choose a list of keywords that will help Google target the ads with the utmost precision.

This keyword list contains the key terms used by the target group when searching for a product or service you have to offer.

Once this is set up, the advertiser is required to bid on these keywords – stating the amount of money he’s ready to pay for a Google user clicking on his ad.

Google Ads function with the help of an Auction system that is triggered whenever a user makes a Google Search.

Not just that, to run an effective Google ad, the following pointers have to be taken into consideration:

  • How relevant is the Google ad to the search query
  • How relevant is the Google keyword to the set ad group
  • How relevant is the Google ad to the landing page
  • How the ad and ad groups faired in past
  • How the Ad account performed historically

No matter how much the topic of Google Ads is simplified, it will leave the reader with unsolved doubts and confusions that might make any ad campaign turn out to be a disaster.

Therefore, learning the art of advertising on Google Ads network is highly recommended. Let’s discuss more on that.

What is Google Ads Certification?

Google Ads Certification is a minimum credential required for marketers to be a certified Google Advertiser. With the knowledge and experience that comes along Google Ads Certification, one can create a great Google Ads campaign for himself or gain the trust of potential clients and run Google Ads for them.

Google Ads certification has become one of the few ways an advertiser can prove his knowledge and experience in managing Google Ads. Achieving a Google Ads certification will require the candidate to put great efforts into understanding the basic and advanced concepts and gain a certain level of experience in Google Ads domain.

Google has streamlined the process of recognizing marketers as Google Ads expert. When an individual passes two Google Ads certification exams, they get a Google Ads certificate. This Google program has taken its time to evolve over the years as there was a time when getting a Google Ads Certification had a cost attached to it.

Now with Google Academy for Ads, Google has left no stone unturned to train the marketing enthusiasts and set them for success in a challenging world of advertising.

Now let’s dig deep and understand why exactly you require a Google Ads Certification.

Why do you need Google Ads Certification?

The reasons why a modern advertiser should get Google Ads Certification can be many. Here we list 4 major reasons why one should consider giving Google Ads Certification exams:

1. A tangible proof that improves credibility

Like any other certification, Google Ads Certification is also a way out to achieve industrial credibility by gaining knowledge and experience in Google Ads. Google Ads Certification helps the person get more clients to work with. With an increase in number and level of clients, an advertiser will get better reviews which will work as instant social proof. In the digital world, numbers work like magic. People trust results and reviews. Only when they are satisfied with the two, they contact the seller and get their ads run.

2. Helps creating a better value for money

Creating a value proposition is necessary to thrive in this highly competitive advertising world. As the great Steve Jobs once said – People don’t know what they want until you show it to them. That’s true with advertising as well. Clients will trust an advertiser with their money until the advertiser convinces them that they need to run ads for their business. To be able to do that, the advertiser requires a value proposition. With a Google Ads Certification, one stands a high chance of getting the marketing proposal accepted as he has the knowledge and skill to pull it off. Placing the services in a way that shows customer will be the top beneficiary will help one gain great clients in the future.

3. Boosts your resume for job application or business growth

Every marketer reading this blog post is highly recommended to keep at creating a great resume. This stands for both business owners and job seekers. Creating a resume is a great way to communicate one’s success in a detailed manner. From landing a new job to bringing on a new partner, a resume with all the advertising achievements enlisted definitely helps to close the deal.

4. Successful completion provides free promotion

Google does its part when it comes to providing marketers that pass its Google Ads Certification. Becoming a Google Ads Certified Partner will help one to get his name on the list of verified website of partners. This means that clients looking for certified advertisers in any specific location will easily find them using Google’s list of people and businesses that have successfully gained the Google Ads Certification.

How to start with getting Google Ads Certification?

In this section, the readers will be able to understand the process of getting a Google Ads Certification.

Here’s a step-by-step guide that provides a walkthrough removing all confusions lurking around this topic. So, let’s dive in.

Step 1: Start with Creating a Google Account

Before getting started with Google Ads Certification program, it is mandatory to choose a Google Account where all the important information and data will be saved and readily available.

Step 2: Now Join Google Academy for Ads

Now make sure all other Google accounts are signed out. Now with the Google account selected for certification usage, go to Google Academy of Ads homepage. Click on ‘Get Started Now’ option and accept the permissions and terms of service. For affiliation with a Google Partners company account, select ‘Yes’ option, else ‘No’ and move on.

Step 3: Get Connected with Google Partners

To get the Google Partners benefit for a company, we recommend connecting the individual account with the company and update the profile. To do so, the candidate will have to provide a company email matching the company’s domain. After quick email verification, the candidate can move onto the next step.

Step 4: Start Preparing for Google Exams

Leverage all the content provided by Google regarding all the different Ads. Go through the basic as well as the advanced academy content from the dashboard itself.

What are the different kinds of Google Ads Certification?

Following is the list of Google Certifications aligned with Google’s digital marketing roadmap.

1. Google Digital Unlocked Course
  • Made to understand the basic overview of Digital Marketing and its dynamics.
  • Covers key concepts and marketing vocabulary.
  • Covers topics from SEO to social media.
2. AdWords Fundamentals Course
  • Made to help advertisers align marketing priorities according to the client’s needs.
  • Understand targeting methods to generate sales and leads.
  • Keyword research and selection training.
3. Search Advertising Course
  • Introduces candidate with Remarketing Lists for Search Ads.
  • Understand combining paid and organic strategies for maximum effect.
4. Display Advertising Course
  • Introduces with more visually appealing ways to generate more clicks and conversion using display ads.
  • Understand the combination of text and visuals for maximum impact.
5. Mobile Advertising Course
  • Understand advertising on mobile platforms.
  • Learn to create cross-functional ad strategies.
6. Video Advertising Course
  • Leverage video as advertising media.
  • Learn how to use video with a great CTA.
7. Shopping Advertising Course
  • Learn to manage the Google Merchant Center account.
  • Manage Google shopping campaign.
8. Google Analytics Course
  • Learn how to optimally utilize Google Analytics to understand ad campaigns.
  • Understand how to use Analytics tools.
  • Learn to combine Google Ads and Analytics for maximum effect.
9. Google My Business Course
  • Learn how to update business information about a company in Google Search and maps.
  • Learn how to improve business visibility on search.

Get Certified Today

This blog post aimed at introducing you with the incredible world of Google Ads and how one can achieve great success by getting a Google Ads Certification.

Are you ready to be certified today? Then check out our Google Ads Certification Answers. Be sure to also read up on the material.


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